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If you have questions about booking an estate sale through The Avant Garde'n please call 417-485-4857. Thank you!


We have several options available for liquidation of your estate; from a single piece to an entire household. All situations are unique and we customize our process to fit your needs.

We have been in business 10 years and have developed multiple avenues and resources to sell your items. We have extensive knowledge of current selling prices because of our years in operation. We are open 7 days a week selling items just like yours instead of just a few days a month during In Home Estate Sales. We research any items we are not familiar with and items that you know have value. We have a diversified staff with backgrounds in sales, customer service, marketing, social media, business management, accounting and we have even thrown in a science teacher, a physical education teacher, and a gifted teacher just for fun!

The 3 basic options are 1) In YOUR Home Estate Sale 2) Consignment of your items to be sold in our retail location 3) An outright purchase of your items by The Avant Garde'n. We can also do a combination of any or all of these options.


If you choose this option, we come to your home and stage, research and price your items. We provide all labor, materials and liability insurance to host your sale.  We require the home and the items be clean prior to our setup and can provide those services for an additional fee if needed. Our sales are typically held on Thursday and Friday. Prices are firm the first day and 25% of 50% off the second day.  

We charge a setup fee based on the size of house, amount of items to be priced, amount of research to be done etc. You receive 60% of the sales within one week of sale.  We move furniture, lamps, pictures and home decor etc. to The Avant Garde’n that do not sell.  We donate any remaining items that you do not want.

We set ourselves apart in the In Home Estate Sale business with our retail location. Sellable items left at the end of the sale will be moved to our retail location where we will utilize the retail floor, eBay, Craigslist, etc. to continue selling your items. We will coordinate the pickup of any items that need to be donated at the end of your sale (Tupperware, clothing, etc.) with a nonprofit organization that will provide you with a tax receipt. The transportation fee normally charged to move sellable items to the retail location is waived after an In Home Estate Sale.

We require a minimum of two weeks to promote your sale. A three to four week period is optimal. We utilize our email list of 3,500+ people, (we normally have 2,500+ views), Craigslist, our Facebook page (we have 2,500+ followers) as well as Instagram, Twitter, retail location flyers and sale day street signage to promote your sale. We cover all advertising costs as well as materials used in your sale. Minimum fees apply based on the size of your sale.


We take your furniture, lamps, pictures and home decor on consignment to be available for sale in our retail location. The process begins with pictures that you can text or email to us at 417-839-1957 or, respectively. Once approved by The Avant Garde'n staff, we take drop offs by appointment on Mondays and Thursdays at 9a.m. We also have a pickup service available for a small fee based on location and number of items. For 4 or more larger items, we require the use of our pickup service.

Your items are marked with your individual consignment number and stored in a climate controlled environment until they are brought to the sales floor. We value your input on pricing, however, items must be priced to sell within 60 days. We do not take items that need to be repaired.

Our consignment fee is 50% and checks are cut on the 5th of the month for all sales from the previous month. As long as you are negotiable on your selling price, we will hold items until sold. Consignment items must be left for a minimum of 90 days or a 25% fee based on the ticket price will be incurred. 


We also offer outright purchase of one item or an entire household. Each quote is on a case by case basis but we pay approximately 30% of the selling price. We come in, pack it up and haul it away! With just a few days notice, we can clean out a large house in one day. You do not make as much with this option but it does offer a lot of convenience quickly!