Did you know we have several solutions for your event?

Our store offers a community room space that can be rented 7 days a week!

We also rent various furniture pieces and small decor items for your event in our store or at another location.

Look below for information and pictures.

Community Room Rental

comm room.jpg

Our community room is available to rent for baby showers, book clubs, meetings, game nights and other gatherings! The room can be rented for up to 3 hours during a morning block or an afternoon block. During business hours, the cost is just $10 and after hours the cost is $10 per hour rented.

Maximum of 20 people and we provide tables, chairs and linens. You and your party will receive a 10% discount on most items purchased that day from our store. The room also includes access to our kitchenette with a refrigerator, microwave and sink. You're welcome to bring food for your event. There is a TV in the room for presentations or videos as well.

Now taking reservations! Call 417-485-4857 to check availability and book!

 Baby Shower

Baby Shower

 Business Meeting

Business Meeting

 Makeover Party

Makeover Party

Event Rentals


We have several items available to rent from our shop. From larger furniture pieces to smaller decor, our rentals are great for all types of events. Shop our rental area for your wedding, conference, school play, prom, bridal shower and more! We offer a 1 day rental, 3 day rental and 5 day rental. Call 417-485-4857 to check our availability and book!

Rentals used in our community room receive a 50% discount on the furniture and decor items rented.